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What US states spend

(Montana -pop: 967,440 (2008 )
-total area: 147,165sq mi
-Montana Dept Fish, Wildlife, & Parks budget: $87.08million (2009)
-amount raised by hunting & fishing: $57,165 million,_Wildlife_and_Parks

idaho -pop: 1.68million
-total area: 83,800sq mi
-total fish and game spending: $79.8million ( this is all from licences and federal grants no $ from state
revenue if I read right)

Never fully read through the Idaho link but what I did was interesting. Very impressed with the $ generated by these small pop and area states that have more people hunting them that ours does. Also very impressed how easy to access the info is on where the $’s going and raised etc. still haven’t been able to find f-all about BC in any real budget terms (could be a clue there).
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Quick comparison, done on coffee break if you’re wondering why it’s an incomplete analysis. I was just poking around a bit.

Utah -pop: 3.05million
-total area: 84,899 sq mi
-division of wildlife resource budget $85million
-wildlife habitat account (appears to be revenue from hunting & fishing): $2.43million

B.C. -pop: 4.5-4.7million depending on webpage
-total area: 364,764sq mi
-ministry of environment budget: ? ( wasn’t able to locate $ #’s myself, even though when searching Utah I
found it on my first google. This should tell us something off the bat)
-resident hunting generates approx: $7million
(According to

For what it’s worth I was just trying to investigate the differences between the two. Would like to know hard #’s on our ministry budget and hunting licence contribution to that. But have to keep looking I guess.

Impact of bears

Interesting study in Alaska’s unit 19A
From one of the best to one of the worst areas for hunting moose.
So they tried a wolf cull since 2004 & it had little or no effect on moose population in the unit.

Tried a different approach.
ADFG(Alaska Department of Fish & Game) conducted a 2 year (2013 to 2014) bear predator control program in only a portion of the unit 19A (5% of the unit area)
Data collected so far showed excellent calf survival in the entire unit 19A. (courtesy of mpotzold)

Another study in S.E. Alaska based on real evidence derived from Bear Collar Cameras during a month (June/May 2011)

Calf mortality research documents that up to 85 percent of the moose calves born in the study area die before autumn and most are killed by brown bears.

During 30 days Boar 6041 killed and ate another bear, a number of newborn moose calves, a few caribou calves, a hare and a beaver – and he scavenged a dead moose and a pile of winter-killed fish.

Predator culls:

(again, mpotzold)

Strategy on Moose:


Progress report:…cumentId=10381 (

One more link lol:

courtesy bonz:

Moose in media:

BC takes steps to protect moose populations

FNs Harvest problem children

Impact of cougars and whitetails on mule deer:


Best Mule Deer book, according to GoatGuy:

Mule Deer in general:

Moose and deer benefit from fencing:

Highway crossings credited for decline in national park wildlife deaths

BC Government links:

Hunter numbers in the US:

Best bios:

Val Giest, Bert Brink, Ian McTaggart-Cowan